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What is Relex Life ?

Relex Life has partnered with Aura Inhale to offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to investors, a type of funding relationship that does not exist anywhere else in the world. 

With Relex Life, you can share your ideas for inhalable supplements, vitamins, and pharmaceuticals with the scientific core team at Aura Inhale, and get paid in ETH royalties when your creation idea starts translating into sales regionally and/or globally. It is the first of its kind, where people can earn returns simply by suggesting an idea for a new inhalable supplement or pharmaceutical product, and then promoting their idea through the social media and marketing tools given to you. When the idea reaches its goal and gets funded, the product is developed in the labs, with the potential of being sold all over the world thereafter. Backers contribute to the idea, and receive product distribution rights when the idea reaches its goal.


When an inhalable suggestion reaches its goal, in the next step the team will consider the idea, determine feasibility, and then propose a funding goal in order to research and develop this new inhalable brand.

Once these inhalable suggestions have been submitted, it will be added to the catalog of available offers, and anyone can browse these offers for funding, and can choose the ones they think have the brightest future in the marketplace.

At this people, everyone has the opportunity to jump in and fund your dreams into reality. When the product is ready, you’ll have control of how and where your supplies are sold. Will you target big cities in America, developing markets in Asia, or something else entirely?

Participation Options

There are also various tiers of basic participation in which one can contribute:

  1. One can be an idea creator, in which there is a type of distribution masternode that entitles the user to receive royalties for the product that is sold in the global market for X amount of years.
  2. One can be a backer of submitted ideas, in which the backers receive distribution rights to sell the products online and through brick and mortar stores through a variety of distribution opportunities.

There are also additional tiers of participation that one can upgrade to:

  1. The ability to white label your own brand. Not only do you get to have distribution rights, but you get to distribute this product under your very own brand by yourself or with others, and reap the benefits that come.
  2. The ability to gain exclusive distribution on a regional basis for the newly developed inhalable product. All previous backers of the inhalable idea are “grandfathered in” to the deal.

If at any stage of the way, you would like guidance of how to proceed with your idea, you can receive help along the way via feedback from Aura Inhale’s staff of dedicated scientists.

Currently, the Relex Life platform focuses on two idea development categories: inhalable supplement/pharmaceutical ideas, and inhalable device development. The Relex Life platform will expand to include more categories of development, as well as open its doors to other clients.


Why Inhalables, Why Aura?

Unlike traditional inhalers or other vaporizers, Aura Inhale does not make its inhalables into powders. These powders, which are really just finely crushed pills, can cake onto the lungs and possibly cause health complications. 

Relex Life is different. It aspirates crystalline molecules through low temperature heating so that they’re directly inhalable into the lungs. Unlike some vaporizing products on the market, the low temperature of the Aura Inhale pens makes the air you breathe safe, non-caustic, and enjoyable. Each Relex Life funded product will undergo rigorous health and safety testing to ensure its quality. 

The demand for custom, inhalable supplements is growing. The Coachella music festival in California ordered a stash of pens from Aura Inhale for its VIP guests. 

And the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense is testing Aura Inhale’s products in the field, grading them as effective for a piece of its military. The UK now has unlimited importation rights, opening up distribution to the entire country. 

Why Do We Use the Orb Model?

Orbs symbolize prosperity through transparency via the O.R.B. mantra of Opportunity for Revenue Building by offering opportunities to make masternodes and revenue generating vehicles for orb creators. Orbs represent solutions that transcend beyond legacy outdated concepts to bring the world the benefits of full transparency through public access and benefit to previously opaque institutional opportunities.



By utilizing the RLXI cryptocurrency, Relex Life secures both your fund outflows and inflows via the blockchain and offers a level of transparency and trustless interaction that is otherwise unheard of in nutrient and pharmaceutical development. The blockchain also guarantees your rights as the originator of this product, engraving your ideas and financing onto the immutable blockchain. 

RLXI is also an accepted currency to buy products from Aura Inhale. So if you see a product you like, you can use your RLXI tokens to obtain some for yourself. 

With Relex Life and Aura Inhale, anything is possible. What will you create?

Create Life, with Relex Life.