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How Does Relex Life Work?

Relex Life Orbs are for taking away pain points in your lifestyle. Our first demonstration client is Aura a leader in inhalable technology.  

By now you have grasped that you hold the future and direction of inhalable supplements and medicines in your hands. Just like how we made it easy for you to access institutional-level opportunities with Relex Development, Relex Life is all about bringing the benefits of supplement and medicine creation to the people in a way that is simple, streamlined, and secure. 



First, create an orb. You will be prompted to fill in various information about your inhalable creation. When this is completed, you will have your own inhalable orb for the community to review, assess, and decide whether to back or not. Your inhalable orb when created will also launch automatic social media sites centered around your inhalable creation idea, complete with dual-direction comment transfer functionality back and forth across your orb and your social media sites in real time. Have buzz on your inhalable creation? When someone hashtags your creation on Facebook, Twitter, or Telegram, those comments will be automatically imported into your orb so everyone knows the buzz about your inhalable creation.  

We made incentives for orb creators easy too. Simply create an orb. If your orb reaches its goal, you will receive a portion for each inhalable unit sold. Create the idea, create the buzz, then sit back and relax as your very own distribution network unfolds before your eyes. For a 2 year period, you can enjoy the fruits of your creativity as our supplement and medicine manufacturing partners crack the molecular code and bring your creation to life.  

As for backers, they will receive distribution rights of that supplement or medicine, along with product delivered once the product is developed and shipped. Simply pick a manufacturing partner, pick a user-submitted creation, and contribute towards the goal being hit. Upon the goal being hit, you will be able to have distribution rights. 

Distribution rights are acquired over a multiple-tier structure of involvement.  

For each manufacturer, the tiers are as follows: 

Aura Inhale 


Tiers of participation: 


  1. A 2,500 unit equivalent to unlock first tier distribution rights. This tier involves non-exclusive distribution rights for a particular region (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Oceania). Backers that collectively support a given orb will be given distribution rights under a master distributor- sub distributor contractual relationship. Backer participants enter into a master agreement that records the chain of distribution from the lab to each distributor.  


  1. A 5,000 unit equivalent to unlock private label distribution rights. This tier involves the ability to distribute the product under your own brand. Backers can collectively contribute to the goal until this is met, and private label distribution will become available through a master distributor- sub distributor contractual relationship. Backer participants enter into a master agreement that records the chain of distribution from the lab to each distributor.  
  1. An available tier for exclusive distribution rights. Exclusive distribution rights upon achieving this tier would be assigned per region on a per product basis.  
  1. The final tier is a two-part variation of non-exclusive and exclusive distribution of all products in that manufacturer’s supplement/medicine library.  

This final tier is the coveted master tier in which a backer or group of backers can have non-exclusive rights to sell all products in the supplement/medicine library. This tier can be further upgraded to allow for exclusive distribution rights of all products in the manufacturer’s supplement/medicine available library for distribution.  

If you are visiting as a previous backer, restructuring to come under the current arrangement will be easy and your special circumstances will not be ignored.